lOveLy (sweet_x_dreams) wrote,

Tomorrow is the first day of school =/
i am excited but yet sad at the same time.

i am NOT looking forward to bitchy teachers, and tons of homework and everything. But at least i get to see everyone again =)

Over all this was a fun summer. I didn't get into much trouble, which is good =D

I don't think i'll be able to sleep tonight, since i've been goiing to bed late, and getting up late every day. So i think it will be really hard =/
On the plus side, i don't have to walk to school this year. My neighbor Nikki is taking me =D aw yeah.

i don't think i like him nemore. I don't think our feelings are mutual nemore =/ We barely talk. psh wte. Things might get better? hopefully.. eh i dono.

whelll ..i have some stuff to get together for tmr.
comment =D

love you <33
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