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its all in my head .. i think about it over and over again

whell .. i guess i will update
before i forget to.

hm. this weekend was fun.

Went to the De La Salle vs. Notre Dame game. I went with Kristen.
She is one hyper girl. haha. I didn't talk to some people, but thats really ok, cause i didn't want to =P Then after Kristen came over and ate food lol.

Went out w/ Sammi to get things for our T-shirts for pep rally. Then we went back to her house to make them. I finally got my journal redone =D yes, and i love it. oh boyy Kennedy lmao. Then we went to the movies to see Wimbledon. It inspired me to play tennis :-o

Went to church, then went to unity w/ Amy. It wasn't as fun this time. This one girl Jenna kinda annoys me. But i liked her hoodie. It had Stevenson Colorgaurd on the fron then it said on the back "We do it on the football field" haha.. i want it. cept w/ out the colorguard part =P
Then i went over Jade's while her mom was doing her hair. it looks nice.

School was good. No complaints.
Geometry is boring.
Bio is fun, for the most part, cept when Bonio decides to talk shit.
English is easy.
I get to work on the school website. Me and Leah are doing JV girls bball =D sweet.

Practice was alright. went by kinda fast.

comment people =)
xo love you.
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