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This weekend was amazing =D

Spent the night at Amy's. We ate ribs for dinner. mmm they were soo good ;P
We watched movies too. Jersey Girl is such a cute movie =)

Woke up at 11:15. It was nice. Watched The Butterfly Effect, that is also a good movie. Some what weird, but yet good. Went home around 5, and didn't do anything. I was too tired.

The best day ever =D. I went over Brian's. His mom is so sweet. Me and Brian watched the Lions Game, it wasn't very good, so we started watching Shallow Hal. Baseball was on, but since he doesn't like it, we didn't watch it =/ =P
I ate dinner over there. Spaghetti w/ Brians recipe for the sauce. He's gonna be a good cook =)

Right now, im in first hour.. me 'nd Leah were working in our web project.. but then our teacher left home cause she was sick. It was kinda funny, she was like class, i don't feel whell i must go to the bathroom. Then she jus randomly left.. what is that? Whell now we have a substitute teacher =) hopefully i will have more of those today. Our webpage doesn't work. BUMMER lol -- Leah.
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