lOveLy (sweet_x_dreams) wrote,

wow. i have not updated in forever. my interent has been retarded.
whell .. basketball is over so now i can come home and do wte i want =D its nice.

Last night i went to Gina's after school and i was the nice friend that i am and bought us all food =) Then her rents left after a while and we stole the car!! i was estatic. it was fun. we went to starbucks and got some good coffee ;-) BRAKE CHECK! haha. love you girls.

Then Bogdan came ta pick me up, hopefully Gina is not mad at me. Then Me him, Erald 'nd Mike went ta Jade's. Adrien came over also.

You would think people would mature since they got into highschool. but no. Some people are still immature, and its quite annoying. But however they want to act, they can.

Today i am going to the play "To Kill a Mockingbird" with my mom, granny, Sammi and her mother. I still have ta clean a little bit more. I decorated for christmas a little bit =D oh how i love to decorate for christmas :-) haha.

i hate boys. boys are confusing. you never know what they are thinking or feeling, and its retarded. bahh wte. not gonna let him get to me.

Monday i go to CPC for a tour thing. i don't wanna go. cause then i'd miss my 5th hour, and 5th hour is my favorite =/

whell ladies and gents. i think i am done =)

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