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its amazing how you can see right to my heart <3

Today was an alright day.

1st hour- got new seats. i sit by Stephen Douglas =D <33 jus did some gay shit on the computer.
2nd hour- hadda sub =) did study review
3rd hour- got tests back 101% babyy.. aw yeah :D
4th hour- took quiz, read some more of the Farenheit 451. its a pretty good book.
5th hour- did worksheet. i didn't let him bother me today =D yess!
6th hour- took a quiz. didn't do jack shit for the rest of the hour 8D

Got home, Tj called. Talked to him for like foreverr <33 i love him. really i do.

christmas is just around the corner. and im not even done shopping =/

dad jus got home w/ our christmas tree =D finallyyy! prolly gonna decorate it in a few days or wte. i dono.

christmas break is coming soon. me 'nd tj made plans to hang out <33 and he is taking me to our "spot" has he calls it. Coney Island, not my kitchen =P

aw i miss him. i wish he didn't move so far away. i got to see him on wednesday =D it was very nice. i didn't actually think he would come, but he did. he made me smile. ALOT
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