lOveLy (sweet_x_dreams) wrote,

christmas vacation

this weekend was alright.

didn't really do anything. jus stayed home, worked on bio. it was good jus to relax.

hadda get up early to go driving =( i did pretty good thought =D i only gotta drive one more time, and take the test, then i get my permit. only 6 more months till i get my license 8D Then later on, i hung out w/ Jade. I missed her. I <33 her hairr! we decided that i need to dye my hair blonde, which today i asked my mother, and she said yess =D

went to church. then i went over my neighbors to help make christmas cookies, then we all ate dinner over there, and then Bogdan picked me up, and we all went to Kyle's. It was me kyle erald mike 'nd bogdan. me 'nd bogdan and mike were fighting, and of course i kicked both of their asses =D

now im going to go watch national lampoon's christmas vacation =) haha. i love that movie

comment <33
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