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you know those moments when u don't wanna cry, but your not sure what else to do?

hm yeah. Today went by fast.
I got up early for no reason.
I had plans, but then my mom was like no. You can't go.
I was like ok, fine wte. It was to early to argue.
Watched the Price is Right and then drove my mother around.

Came home, didn't do anything.
Decided to call Samantha =)
We went to the movies, we saw Meet the Fackers.
Hilarious movie.

Tomorrow my mom is taking me shopping =D oh boy can't wait.
She's gonna buy me tons of clothes! Im excited =)

Blah. Vacation is almost over.
I kinda want to go back to school.
I don't know. I jus want sleep. thats all really.

im tired.
gotta get to bed early.
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