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These are the moments i thank god that im alive...

haven't updated in a couple days. so i thought i would right now. we'll jus start off w/ today.

Today was our pep rally for homecoming =D it was soo fun. We beat the Seniors in the tug of war.. damn str8. Thats pretty much all we won. ha.
Wow. how i love Gina, she's so funny. This is how good of a friend i am:</b>"they should turn music on, so then i can like go dance on the floor in the middle but then everybody would be like booo get off...but you, youd be like yeahhh go thats a best friend" yepp thats me. a best friend =)

After the pep rally, the fantastic Corey gave me a ride home in his Camaro 8D yeah i felt cool. haha. i love you corey.. your a good friend.

Tonight is the homecoming game. I might go to the tailgating thing, but i doubt it. I really hope we win tonight.

Tomorrow is homecoming. All of the girls are coming over for dinner, then off to the dance. this is gonna be so much fun =) can't waitt.

i finally talk to brian, for like the first time in 3 weeks. he was supposed to call yesterday, but didn't =( stupid chigger.

moms takiin' me to target to get what i need for tomorrow..
peace outt

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